Freightliner Trucks for sale in San Diego, California

Freightliner Trucks

When you drive a Freightliner truck, you know you've chosen the best. Comfortable, stylish & efficient, what more could you ask for? With the maneuverability & flexibility of the Freightliner Business Class® M2, to the powerful heavy duty Cascadia, Freightliner trucks combine comfort and dependability to help you operate smart and feel proud while doing it. You might drive a truck to earn a living, but hey, you still love driving a truck, and Freightliner offers the most dynamic choices for all truck vocations and alt fuel types today!

We sell the following Freightliner Truck models:



Freightliner M2 Freightliner M2 / M2-112 / M2-106

Freightliner Cascadia 2016New Freightliner Cascadia /
Pre-2017 Cascadia
Freightliner Cascadia EvolutionFreightliner Cascadia Evolution

Freightliner 122SDFreightliner 122 SD
Freightliner 114SD CNG TruckFreightliner 114SD
Freightliner 108SDFreightliner 108 SD

No matter what vocation your are looking for, Freightliner Trucks has the right vehicle for you. They provide flexible options that support the following industries:

  • Day Cab Truck

  • Mid-roof Sleeper Truck

  • Raised-roof Sleeper Truck

  • Moving Truck

  • Dump Truck

  • Concrete Mixer Truck


  • Roll-Off Truck

  • Fire & Emergency Truck

  • Flatbed / Stakebed Truck

  • Food & Beverage Truck

  • Pick up & Delivery Truck

  • Crane Truck

  • Refuse Truck

  • Service Truck

  • Sweeper Truck

  • Tanker Truck

  • Towing Truck

  • Tree Trimmer Truck

  • Utility Truck

  • Heavy Haul Truck

  • Logging Truck

  • Oil & Gas Truck

  • Snow Plow Truck

  • Construction Truck