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Western Star 5700 Trucks

We've made extreme trucks for years. Now we've done the same for efficiency.

Western Star 5700 Trucks, Los Angeles


• TL/LTL • Long Haul • Bulk Haul • Sleepers

Western Star 5700 Brochure:
5700 Flyer (PDF)

When we decided to build a fuel efficient truck, we took that efficiency to the extreme. Every feature and component of this truck was refined to get maximum aerodynamics, efficiency and dependability. And we did it without sacrificing the kind of looks that let everyone know this aerodynamic truck is every bit a Western Star. Check out the features to get part of the story, then find your nearest dealer to get the rest.

5700 XE Specifications

Standard Options
BBC 126"
Wheelbase Up to 250"
BA 50"
Engine Detroit DD15, 14.8L (455-505 hp 1550-1750 lb-ft) Detroit DD13, 12.8L (350-470 hp 1250-1650 lb-ft)
Detroit DD16, 15.6L (475-600 hp 1850-2050 lb-ft)
Integrated Powertrain Detroit DD15, 14.8L (400 hp 1750 lb-ft, Downsped) with Detroit DT12 Direct Drive
Automated Manual Transmission and Detroit tandem (6x4) or single drive (6x2)
with specially matched final gear ratios and tag axle @ 40,000 lbs
Transmission Detroit DT12 Automated Manual Transmission Eaton Fuller 9-, 10-, 13-, 15- and 18-speed
Cab Type Welded galvannealed steel with roped-in or bonded windshield
Cab Interior Base: Agate/gray two-tone interior Premium: Two-tone with soft touch panels
Grey Trim w/ Smoky Mountain Gray Upholstery
Grey Trim w/ Pacific Forest Green Upholstery
Grey Trim w/ Maple Leaf Red Upholstery
Grey Trim w/ Prairie Buckskin Upholstery
Grille Polished stainless steel with perforated steel bug/rock screen Factory winter front option
Bumper Modular 4-piece bumper with under-valance panel and polished stainless steel fascia
Headlights Modular three-piece headlights with projector beam halogen bulbs and LED marker lights
Air Intake Dual side hood air intakes with high capacity air cleaner
HVAC Standard with two-stage filter system
Front Axle Detroit single 12,000-14,700 lbs Hendrickson single 12,500 lbs
Rear Axle Detroit tandem 40,000-46,000 lbs Detroit single 23,000 lbs
Meritor tandem 40,000 lbs
Front Suspension Taperleaf 12,000-14,600 lbs Hendrickson AirTek 12,500 air suspension
Rear Suspension AirLiner 23,000-46,000 lbs
Brakes WABCO 4S/4M, 6S/4M, 6S/6M Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with and without traction enhancement Available Air drum and disc
Safety Enhanced stability control Roll stability control
Lane departure warning system
Adaptive cruise control
Wabco OnGuard radar collision avoidance/mitigation system
Frame Rugged single channel lightweight frame Partial frame liners available
Fuel Tanks Aluminum 25" Cylindrical 50-150 gallon (189-567 liter) RH or LH Combination fuel/hydraulic tanks available in various sizes
DEF Tank 13 or 23 gallon (49 or 87 liter)
Western Star 5700XE TankerWestern Star 5700XE daycabWestern Star 5700XE DaycabWestern Star 5700XE Optimus Prime TransformerWestern Star 5700XE Sleeper